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Welcome to Jason Schwarz’s little corner of the web.  I am busy redesigning my web site and this is the first iteration of the redesign.  Please let me know if you find anything broken.

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Divers have found the biggest underwater cave in the world, and it could contain Mayan secrets: https://t.co/l5jhoZDS4V
Chinese space station full of toxic chemicals will crash down to Earth within months: https://t.co/W5kiV53E9G
RT @_youhadonejob1: Someone waited their entire life to write that headline. https://t.co/60zUypnNlc
RT @_youhadonejob1: Things don’t always translate well to other languages. https://t.co/fSKtOsDIzC
Bitcoin drops 50 percent from its peak value as it falls below $10,000: https://t.co/kwtYSUkUUi
New Mac malware evades anti-virus to snoop on internet traffic: https://t.co/O6Hd1JEH7f
RT @TownofFV: TRAFFIC ALERT. Beginning Fri., Jan 19 thru the weekend, construction will continue at Sunset/Main/Purfoy intersection during…
@nsj Wow, improving taste or parents who are stuck home with kids driving the wine sales?